Social Responsibility


Finding new or better work is the most direct path out of poverty for families in need. Maksad Foundation facilitates this process by providing vocational training, offering special opportunities to the poor but technical people, and developing promising value chains. When natural disasters destroy housing or conflict forces families to flee their homes, Maksad Foundation provides for temporary and permanent shelter. Maksad Foundation also contributes to local infrastructure by providing education and health care in impoverished communities. Maksad Foundation supports training for local residents so that they can participate in the construction process, creating livelihood opportunities for community members. Hundred of thousands individuals face discrimination, persecution, and even violence just because of economic briars. Maksad Foundation is on the forefront of implementing programs to protect and support these individuals and encourage innovational change in the society. The result is programming that provides technical and financial assistance, promotes media and journalism, and encourages democratic governance. The rights of women and girls are a critical issue in this sector, and are incorporated in many of Maksad Foundation’s programs. Maksad Foundation's approach to civil society development emphasizes cross-cultural understanding and empowerment of vulnerable and under-represented members of society.