Our Approach
People Behind MAKSAD


Maksad Foundation dedicates itself to seeking and addressing the long-term developmental needs of its beneficiary’s even while in the emergency phase. The agency recognizes that disasters have the most negative impact on the lives of the poor; yet disasters, and especially the movement of the populations, can also bring about unexpected, positive social change. This context can therefore serve as a window of opportunity for eradicating poverty and social injustice. Maksad Foundation focuses on serving people who typically have not received due attention, and in several large-scale crises Maksad Foundation has been the first Pakistan-based organization to provide high-impact development emergency programming to communities in need. Maksad Foundation believes that as a humanitarian organization one of its main functions is to communicate the pronounced needs of the vulnerable and affected populations to the international community. Maksad Foundation thus consults closely with the local communities it serves in order to ensure that its programs do not impose solutions from the outside but rather address their needs and requirements for the long term. This grassroots approach proves effective in fostering an environment of self-help and sustainability.