Reported BY :- Mrs. Naghma Clement

As a first step the society has esrtablished a free evening education centre in Youhannabad No. 2 where 10 girl students are given free coaching in the evening.The educational support to deserving students is being provided using personal resources but to facilitate them for school books ,note books ,uniform and school fee , we also look forward to the support, cooperation and generosity of other organizations as well as the individuals. This will help in the continuity of the ongoing project and expansion of this project to other areas as well.

"MAKSAD FOUNDATION", an education promotion NGO, quickly and generously responded to our request and extended a helping hand to provide all the necessary items . On 4th May,2012,a team of the officials of the foundation headed by their President Mr.Muhammad Shafique, Mr. Abdul Mueed and others recorded their personal presence in Youhannabad No.2 and distributed the books and copies to the students.Parents of the students alongwith the other residents of Y-2 wittnessed the ceremony.

Mr. Muhammad Shafique advised the students and the parents to pay full attention to the studies. "We assure you the continuity of our support in future as well." He added. Parents and the students thanked the officials .