Social Responsibility


Maksad Foundation meets the immediate needs of poor patients in emergency; we provide them medicine, food and most importantly a support and believe that they are not alone in this difficult time. Beyond emergency situations, Maksad Foundation’s field teams provide long term health care and medical services to communities in need by operating clinics and training health workers. Maksad Foundation also provides water and sanitation programming, providing communities with access to clean water, decreasing the incidence of communicable diseases, and improving quality of life. Even after decades of freedom, Pakistan is still struggling to provide basic health services to its people. According to government sources, in Pakistan 45 children die every hour due to respiratory infections. 1 child dies every 2 minutes due to diarrhea. And annually, about 1 million children under 5 years of age die due to preventable diseases. The situation calls for timely care and diagnosis which can reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality especially among children and women and more importantly in those parts where people have to travel for days to get proper medical attention. Maksad Foundation Health Camps is one such special initiative of Maksad Foundation to provide health care services to meet the immediate health care needs of the marginalized community in remote rural areas and slums through standalone camps. Maksad organizes customized health camps extensively across the country offering comprehensive health care & medical services curative, preventive, promotive and referral, to a large number of people in selected intervention areas. Maksad Foundation Health Camps aims at reaching out to at least 15 districts in 2 years time and expects to improve the health seeking behavior among the community. The uniqueness of the model lies in its comprehensive approach where health promotion and prevention are given equal importance while curative care is administered.